Signature Collection

To submit your signature and credentials in support of a petitioner to become a candidate for Alumni Fellow on the 2021 Yale Corporation Alumni Fellow Election ballot, please log in below and complete the signature form on the following page. (Alternatively, you may download, complete, and submit an official signature form via U.S. mail.) [PDF Signature Form: Victor Ashe ’67 B.A.] [PDF Signature Form: Maggie Thomas ’15 M.E.M.]
Only signatures of Qualified Electors accompanied by name, degree, year of degree, and home address—submitted via this website or by mail using the official signature forms provided above—will be valid. Incomplete submissions will not be accepted.
The deadline for submission is 11:59 p.m. EDT on October 1, 2020. Submissions must be received on or before this date to be counted. Qualified Electors may only submit one signature per petitioner. Qualified Electors who wish to provide a signature in support of more than one petitioner must submit one signature form for each petitioner.
Information collected on the signature form will be used to confirm your eligibility as a Qualified Elector. Please note that your name will be shared with the petitioner.
PLEASE NOTE: To assist in verifying your eligibility as a Qualified Elector, please log in below using the information currently on file with the university. If you wish to review your alumni record, please access the Online Alumni Directory. If you are not a registered member of the Yale University Online Alumni Community, you will find registration instructions at the same link.
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If you have any questions about submitting a signature in support of a petitioner, please contact Election Services Corporation by email at or call 1-866-720-HELP (4357).